New Album 

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Abysmal Bass arrived 

Welcome with us Artur, the new member of the Human Abyss family. Artur moved to Berlin from Brazil and played in a couple black metal bands (@amuro_band @onecross666) as well as a symphonic progmetalband (@noonespoke ).

Also fantastic news! Artur arrived just in time to also record the bass on the upcoming album! We can't wait to share results with you all! 


The last couple of months we worked hard on our new album. We had the urgent need to create new material! Creativity and ideas just haunted us, so we needed an outlet. Lucky you! Early next year, we might be able to release our work and can't wait to share! 

Continuing our path through the abyss, we stagger deeper and deeper into the darkness. What is reality? What is truth? What is pain? How does it feel to be operated without proper anaesthesia? True stories lived through by our shouter Lynn, who luckly did already all necessary healing to be able to share this absolute nightmare with us. This horror is bound to our music now and can't harm anyone anymore. Stylisiticly we added a lot of aggression and gore, but kept the blackish melancholic melodic vibe.

 Also news: our horizontal logo got an update.

Line-Up Change!

*** Line-Up News ***

Human Abyss has a new drummer!
Join us in welcoming No, the new drummer from Human Abyss!
No is an experienced death metal veteran, who will lead Human Abyss into a new chapter with heavy punch and technical skill. As a founding member of the Berlin death metal band SPAWN, which broke up in 2014, he has a lot live, studio and touring experience and is therefore just the right person to push the band's urge towards abysmal blackish death metal.

Reinforced by No's drumming style, Human Abyss will be able to action a new brutality. We look forward to it!